We hear it time and time again- what's the catch? Quite simply, there is none.  Providing you meet our Program Requirements, all you need to do is place an ad from one of our participating business partners on your vehicle. We offer a multitude of options from rear window advertisements to larger ad placements!


FreeGasHelp.com Bumper Sticker "Spotter" Program!

In San Diego County? Join our Bumper Sticker "Spotter" Program!

If you live in San Diego County, you can visit our Oceanside Office and pick up your FREE BUMPER STICKER AD! If you are Spotted on the road by one of our Free Gas Helpers, you will qualify for a FREE GAS CARD Valued between $5 and $50!  What's better than FREE GAS?

Simply stop by Our Office to pick up your FREE BUMPER STICKER AD.

For more information or to sign up for one of our marketing programs, we ask you to Contact Us today!  

Our FreeGasHelp.com Rewards Program Gas Card Rates


Monthly Gas Card Reward

(2) Door Magnets 12” x 24” 


Full Car Wrap ( 1 year contract required ) $200 per month  ($2,400 per year)
All Commercial Trucks, Vans and Vehicles please email for gas amount commerical@freegashelp.com  

Truck Rear Tail Gate Magnet 12”x 36” 


Rear Window Decal Advertisement 


(2) Side Rear Window Decal Advertisements 


Window BOX Sign Advertisement 


License Plate Frames Advertisement 


Hub Cap Advertisements


Front Hood Magnet Advertisement  


Rear Window Web Address Decal 


Truck Rear Tail Gate Web Address Decal 





Additional Free Gas Available ONLY with Magnet and Full Rear and 
Side Window Decal Ad Contracts

5% EXTRA FREE GAS for the following vehicles: All Scions, Honda Elements, PT Cruisers, Mini Coopers, VW Beetles, H2 Hummers and Hybrid Vehicles! 5% EXTRA FREE GAS for 2007 and Newer Vehicles!
5% EXTRA FREE GAS for Bright Yellow Vehicles! 5% EXTRA FREE GAS for Pizza Delivery Individuals!
5% EXTRA FREE GAS for Active Military! 5% EXTRA FREE GAS if You Come In and Pick Up Your Gas Cards!


When you begin your Advertising Program with one of our Advertising Sponsors, you can earn Additional Free Gas Cards from $10 to $200 when you Refer Customers to the Advertising Sponsor on your Vehicle. Simply Carry their Advertising Brochures in your Vehicle and Present them to Interested People. If they become Customers of your Sponsored Advertiser, you will Receive Additional Free Gas Cards! (Amount of Free Gas varies, depending on Sponsor Requirements.) Email us for details at: info@freegashelp.com

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