Please check the Program Requirements below before you Register for our Free Gas Help Advertising Program. Please note that Advertiser requirements vary, and some Programs may have requirements not posted here. If you have questions, please CONTACT US. We'll be happy to help!

FreeGasHelp Program Requirements, Terms & Conditions

  • Customer must drive a minimum of 1,000+ miles a month. 
  • Vehicle must in good cosmetic condition. 
  • Vehicle must have valid auto insurance.
  • Only the Registered Owner of the Vehicle may sign up for the program.
  • Vehicle Drivers must have a good driving records.  Proof may be required.
  • Door magnets must be on the vehicle at all times, except during car washes.
  • Customer is responsible for door magnets and other sign advertisements. 
  • reserves the right to refuse any vehicle for any reason.
  • reserves the right to end the Program contract with the customer at any time.
  • If Program advertisement is not found on the vehicle when spot checked, customer contract will end. Customer will then be responsible to reimburse for all free gas received, and a $50 administration fee will be charged.
  • If signs are stolen or lost, customer must contact within 24 hours.
  • Free gas cards will be given out within 2 to 4 weeks AFTER the customers vehicle has been verified for advertisement.
  • Verification of 1,000+ miles a month minimum may be required. Proof may be required in the form of oil change receipts, repair receipts, etc. and their advertisers are not responsible for customer driving.

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